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Is Nepal Safe to Travel ?

There is a big question pondering in every traveller who has thoughts of visiting Nepal and that is is Nepal safe to visit after the 2015 earthquake. No doubt the earthquake was a devastating one - the first one as epicentered in Gorkha and the second one was epicentered in the border of Kodari and China. The earthquake claimed lives of around 9000 people and left many stranded. Nevertheless, only 16 out of 75 districts in Nepal were affected by the 2 major earthquake and several hundred aftershocks.

So none of the airports were reported destroyed, neither of the national parks were destroyed and none of the trekking routes were dismantled except for Manaslu circuit. The country started receiving curious tourists since 2015 itself and now it is 2016.

Now that it has been almost a year we are seeing an influx in tourists visiting in Nepal. Let it be for volunteering or simply travel, Nepal still is safe, beautiful and receiving guests. 90 % of hotels in Kathmandu and all tourist destinations have been declared safe. The airports have been given a green signal. The schools, supermarkets and the restaurants are operating on normalcy and it is hard for one to find traces of earthquake. There were rumors of epidemic and water not being clean and riots on the rise, which wa absolutely gibberish and done for cheap popularity stunt. So Nepal is safe, sound and absolutely beautiful and Nepalese people have gotten out of the trauma already and are looking for your cooperating. Please visit Nepal and show your support!