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Nepalese Culture, Traditions and Language

Nepal is a very rich country when it comes to culture, traditions, customs and language. The history dates back to thousand of years and it is not just about one race, one culture, one religion and one language. It will come to your surprise that people from all background and all communities throughout the country live in peace and harmony despite the despite the diversity.

The cultural heritage comprises of dance, music, folklores, folktales, costumes, food, winery, philosophy, literatures and many other. The culture, tradition and language in Nepal is mostly influenced by race that settled in the current day nepal some centuries ago.

There are about 123 recorded dialects throughout Nepal and not all speak the national language which is Nepali. However, the national language binds all dialects upto some extent. Maithili is spoken as a second language and mostly used in the terai belt of Nepal.

80% of the country’s population is still believed to be following Hindu religion. Buddhism is the second largest religion in Nepal but is only practiced by 10% of the population. 10% of the remaining population consists of Islam, Kirant and Christianity. Nepal as well celebrates festivals from all communities and religion. There are over 60 national holidays in the country in a year and majority of them are religious celebrations. Some of the most significant and long holidays include Dashain and Tihar. Other important festivals include Buddha Jayanti, Shivratri, holi, Loshar and many others.